About Us


Allonsy Let's Go! is a directory that serves as a means to connect consumers with black-owned businesses and affiliates throughout the U.S. Our goal is economic independence and freedom from relying on others to provide us with the skills, products and services that we can offer amongst each other.

Our directory includes a list of businesses such as restaurants, stores, attorneys, churches, doctors, banks and much more. We also include events that are either hosted by or benefit blacks socially and/or economically.  

The word "Allonsy" derives from the French word or phrase "Allons-y" which means "Let's Go!" or "Follow Me". As we are focused on leading our community into a future of financial liberty, we felt the name to be compelling to our mission to unite, support and build. So, let's go!




Allonsy Let’s Go! strives to provide you with accurate content from third parties but does not guarantee the reliability of these sources. Please help us keep this site's content current by reporting inaccurate or outdated information to admin@allonsyletsgo.com.